Thursday, 17 May 2007

Interim message

New times call for new blogs - the old part of my life is over, the new not yet begun. This is about the bits in between.

Soon to be released:

Retrospectives of my journey through Asia and Europe.
Running commentary on my CELTA course in Poland.
Details of introducing the missus to life in England (terror).

and many more gripping and exciting things for you delectation.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Woo hoo!

Kaufman said...

I assume you've ordered a large shot of culture shock.

Looking forward to reading about the new you.

Between daisies said...

It's just the same me but in newer, cheaper clothes....

Still busy as hell. I am going to Poland on Tuesday.

Nice to hear from you both.

benjibopper said...

wow, double culture shock. or is that me? (inlaws and backhome all in one blow.)

benjibopper said...

btw, from your itinerary it looks like you decided to go trans-siberia? you'll love it! see, circa october 2006 for some inspiration in that vein.

Between daisies said...


I've just got off the train and am now in Poland. I'll definitely check out your adventures when I get five minutes free. I've got broadband in my flat, so I can promise catch up with not just yourself but everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!