Friday, 1 June 2007

What are you doing? Helter CELTA

Work piled on work is all that I am up to at the moment. The the first week of the CELTA course has been always busy, usually straightforward, sometimes entertaining and rarely relaxing. I've virtually never had ten minutes spare to upload photos / update my blog / tidy-up / think of any more vers using "up".

The highlights of the week have been mostly linked to the guys I am studying with. They are a fairly intelligent and amusing bunch:

James has the daze award for style in class. He found a picture of a caravan and a bunch of cows being blown away to illustrate a hurricane.

James: Do you see this often in Poand?
Looks around, tries to get an answer from the students.
James: Do you see this in Poland, Student A?
Student A: Well, we have cows in Poland.
James: Yes, but they usually stay on the ground in Poland, don't they?

He had a few moments like this, and in a class where one is an observer it is not polite to laugh, so I had about five minutes of trying to stifle myself each time.

That's all from me for now. Eyes peeled for the rest of China some time this weekend if I can drag myself away from the City aniversary celebrations!


benjibopper said...

"politeness is over-rated and generally sucky." -Sartre

Between daisies said...

Did Satre really use the word "sucky"?

benjibopper said...

"you betcher ass he did." -jj rousseau

Kaufman said...

James sounds like a man capable of distracting anyone from those long minutes within the framework of the course that seem to turn into hours before anyone has had time to notice.

But if one can't have fun in a classroom (Polish students???) then where can one have fun?

I miss the 'open' style NOVA room; just the room, mind you, not NOVA itself. I fondly recall that half the time was spent entertaining other teachers.